Looking for staff? We will find your
personnel! Reliable, fast, tailor-made.

Custom-fit personnel solutions from Assmann Zeitarbeit. Flexibly tailored to your requirements. The one hundred percent reliable partner, who will find solutions for you even in the most difficult of circumstances, and provides professional work in every regard – that is our offer. For over 20 years. If you are looking for a partner for success, talk to us.

With a comprehensive array of services and personal support we will assist you in your personnel planning. No standardized personnel placement, instead personal support and advice. We will provide you with the team that your need for your success, and will support you with organization and processing. We’re there for you.

„I am your personal point of contact for everything having to do with labor recruitment and provision of personnel. That starts with legal advice, to compliance with legal requirements, and on to the selection of the right personnel for you. I will also remain your permanent point of contact for any and all concerns during actual operations. After all, our offering encompasses more than merely presenting a list of names and qualifications. You can always rely on us, and on me personally. Just the same as with our personnel. We always have our eye on both sides.“

Marco Faulhaber

Member of the management, Assmann Zeitarbeit GmbH

„Our mission is easily described: provide exactly the right team needed for the job. Both as regards the numbers as the quality. And quality is not just training, but also reliability and motivation. It means commitment and the readiness to pursue further professional training. Frankly, not an easy task, but one that we really like and requires the team’s full range of expertise. After all, both you and our employees have our word on this. And we keep our word.“

Uwe Beyer

Managing Partner, Assmann Zeitarbeit GmbH


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