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Come on board, get started, re-orient yourself with Assmann Zeitarbeit GmbH! As an employee of Assmann Zeitarbeit you will enjoy numerous benefits. We’re there for you! We will be at your side, capable and personal. From job preparation to job search and through to success on the job, we will be the service provider at your side with all the experience at our command.

We’re doing something. For you. Training, close cooperation with academies, and tips and info based on experience are what you will get from us, along with in-depth discussions, organization and processing, a diversity of workplaces and individually structured contracts.

Collaboration with Assmann Zeitarbeit GmbH is full of possibilities for you. Are you motivated? Let’s go! Here’s how you can reach your goal: Apply to Assmann Zeitarbeit GmbH.


Preparation: Read, analyze, prepare
After receiving your application, we will analyze your potential regarding starting jobs and professional development, in order to prepare for the discussion with you. We will, if appropriate, also thoroughly prepare this first contact with our client.

Setting the course: Frank discussion
During the discussion in our offices, you are the center of attention: Your aspirations and ideas, your experiences and abilities. We discuss confidentiality clauses for particular companies or the like, issues of full-time or part-time, about … everything that is significant to your success. Naturally, we will also address our expectations of you.

Job search: We get going
While you are on the way home with the feeling of being in good hands, we will be making initial contact with prospective employers. Before that, we will create a precise personality and performance profile, which we will discuss in detail with our client.

On-site: Now it’s serious
Exactly what do I need to do? Are the co-workers okay? What does the company expect? All these questions can be answered in the course of a joint visit to your possible workplace, once we have taken care of the formalities with the client. If everything works out, we can then already greet you as a new member of the team.


Reliable partner
Our work is marked by intense support by your personal scheduler. Your scheduler will tend to you from the very start and throughout your entire career with us. In an emergency, you can also always reach your scheduler outside normal business hours. Your scheduler will also visit you at your place of work by arrangement – not to keep tabs on you, but rather to provide support. During off-site work with overnight stays, your scheduler will also arrange for your accommodation. In short: the scheduler takes over all the administrative drudgery so that you can concentrate on your job.


Collective agreements: EVERYTHING clearly laid out
Only satisfied employees provide good performance. That is the philosophy we work by. From the first day on, you will have a firm employment contract in accordance with the collective agreement IGZDGB. Industrial employees receive a set of personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with the latest guidelines. Health is always paramount. The work times – full-time or part-time – are precisely defined. The wage and salary accounting is clear and understandable, and the payments are always on time.


The work: customized and full of variety
For the most part, you will have assignments waiting for you that are interesting and have plenty of variety. Depending on what you are looking for, we offer long-term assignments with a client company, or a number of short-term assignments with a variety of companies. Nearly 30% of the temporary employees are hired by our clients. This shows that our matching of workplace to applicant/employee is right on the money.


Possibilities: Full-time, part-time, short term
We offer you a diversity of workplaces. Regardless of whether you want to work part-time or full-time: We will be glad to help you. Or what if you don’t feel like cooling your heels at home between jobs?  How about bridging that gap with a temporary job with us? Ask us about it!


Do something for yourself!
When you show a will to learn on your own initiative, we will support you with professional education and training, regardless of whether you are part-time or full-time. This starts with examples like the certification as a forklift operator, on to the examinations required for a master craftsman’s diploma. In the process, we work in close concert with the most prominent public institutions (e.g. TÜV, DEKRA, IHK, …). On the commercial side, we cooperate with various academies.


Career with Assmann Zeitarbeit. Here’s how it works!
In addition to pay above the industry standard, and largely unlimited-term employment contracts, Assmann Zeitarbeit enables the hiring of the employee by the customer in a large number of cases (average 30%). For more than 20 years we have been successfully providing well-known companies with temporary staff. Through our long-established experience and the resulting expertise, we have exact knowledge of the regional and industry-specific requirements of the job market. We will find a secure job with a future for you, and introduce you to companies where your talents, knowledge and interests will be valued.


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