Assmann Zeitarbeit GmbH has always placed a premium on close contact to clients and employees.

The profound professional knowledge of the employees and targeted training activities secure the quality of our service. Customers know Assmann Zeitarbeit GmbH as a reputable, reliable and capable partner. We develop long-term, trust-based client relationships through our intense, individual support and a fair price-performance ratio.

Since the founding of the company, occupational health and safety has been a central focus for the firm. The management is highly dedicated when it comes to meeting its duties and responsibilities as a business (especially in the field of occupational safety and health). In order to make clear the importance of occupational safety and health, quality goals for occupational health and safety are defined annually, with regular monitoring and analysis of the achievement of those goals.

All external personnel are fully equipped with the required personal protective equipment and, where necessary, also given occupational health examinations. Accidents and occupational diseases are, to the greatest extent possible, prevented through continuous sensitization of the in-house and external staff to possible hazard potential.

Existing deficiencies on the client side are identified, and eliminated through intervention, in particular by means of regular workplace inspections and personal support provided to the temporary staff. The positive development of the rate of accidents shows this annually.

These measures assure the high quality of our services. One result is the success and respect we enjoy from both our clients and employees. The satisfaction of our clients and employees guarantees the long-term success of our business.


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